Friday, May 14, 2010


This little face, this is the newest addition to our little clutch. Sure, the face is adorable.  Sucks you in with the warm little "purrling " (this is what the Kat calls purring), the gentle touch of her pink little paws on your face, cute sniffing and snuggling in the nape of your neck.  Poor little kitty was abandoned by her birth mom, I just couldn't let her live like that.  So with all that going for her, she gets in.  The kids are OVER the moon!  Kat wraps that little hellion in a blanket and carries her all over the house.  Very cute.  Now, this cute and innocent kitty has reached tween cat years and between the spiked hair cuts and piercings she is looking to live a life on the outside if Chloe is not careful.  Oh yeah, her name is Chloe. 

I caught Chloe on the Internet late last night chatting with her cat friends.  Needless to say she is grounded and I have instituted parental controls on the computer.  She will no longer be posting anymore questionable pictures of how to comb ear hair.  I will be calling the parents of the other cat tweeners to let them know what their kittens are doing. 

I had the fortunate luck to introduce the kids to a new sport.........BOWLING!  One rainy weekend, tired of being couped up in the house the GMA and myself carted the kids to the local bowling alley.  They had a blast.  I forgot how much I like to bowl.  The smell of the shoes, the oil film on the ball, crackling sound of the pins being knocked down.  Just too much fun.  I am thinking I have the league team in the making.  How much sounder would my mind be knowing the three of them went bowling on a Saturday night instead of cow tipping?

The Bitsy exhibited true bowler girl form, granny style with glasses to accentuate.  There is no messing with this bowler girl.  True sass from head to toe.

Beauty Shots (well sort of)
I just wanted to throw in some shots of something pretty.  At least I think they are pretty.  I have lost my mojo as of late with my beloved camera.  She and I must work some things out and come to some kind of agreement.  The agreement is I must learn how to USE the camera properly.  Yeah, that book, you know the one that's called the USER MANUAL, yeah probably should read that some time.  The book might just hold some secrets as to what all those pesky dials are for.  Shutter speed, aperture, ISO? PISHAW!  Oh if you ever wondered what a kumquat plant looks like, take a gander at picture number 1.  They are similar to grape vines, who knew? Well obviously the kumquats farmers. DUH!

Uncle Roughhousing!
The kids are fortunate to have a "young" uncle.  Just enough energy and wrestling aptitude to exhaust little kid energy.  Their uncle lives in a fabulous place with an acre of running space for a myriad of OUTSIDE activities.  I am thinking that his time of being alpha dog in this pack is limited.  A few more pounds on each of them and if they figure out how to coordinate their attack, he is crispy critter of an uncle. As it was, they pulled some William Wallace moves on him.  He is lucky I was there to cheer them on and take pictures of it.  My role was critical.  That is what a sister is for, right? Exactly.
It's all fun and games in the beginning.....
His disbelief I would be so care free with the pictorial documentation of his beating. I think he may be a little stunned of their organizational prowess at such a tender age. By next summer, he may need to go into the witness protection program for uncles.  Yes, take your beating like a man Unca Nick and how can you refuse such sweet faces as these?

A little eye candy
I leave you with a little eye candy for the brain to filter through out your day. 



  1. absolutely wonderful post! AMAZING PICTURES! Who needs ISO knowledge anyway - it's in the soul babe.

    Thank you for sharing life with me - thank goodness for blogs - but it just makes me miss you even more.

    Coffee soon?

    Love you!

  2. Woman I am in! One little ringy dingy and it's on like Donkey Kong!


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