Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy Birthday My Em! ::UPDATED::

Oh Lawd, help me. This is a sight I am not ready to see!

This weekend was filled with happiness and celebrations. My little girl is not so little any more. This weekend she arrived at her 6th birthday. When I look back, and picture in my head the little chubby cheeked baby in my arms I never imagined how fast it came to pass. She is a young lady/girl. Loving, funny, goofy, silly, and oh so smart. I love this little girl to the moon and back and that is not even half of how I feel about her.

We spent most of the late morning at the park with a few of her school friends, riding the amusement rides, eating cake, and generally being silly gooses. I am one lucky mommy. I silently watched the devouring of the cupcakes slathered with fun frosting and princesses. I almost picked up Bitsy and licked her face like a Popsicle to remove all the extraneous frosting she was storing on her face for later. I didn't, but I had dreams about it later.

Later in the day, after much needed naps, the family (Moomps and Pfeifles) came over for grub and good times. The kids ran, played dress up, ate cupcakes, again Bitsy was a little to fast for me to catch and lick her face. It was a warm and wonderful time. Thank you to all for helping celebrate my baby girl's birthday.

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  1. Happy Birthday Emma Baby! She is always gonna be my baby :) Even at 43! We had a great time, thanks for having us over to destroy your house and pee on your bathroom floor!


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