Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Vegas - Shark Encounter

As I said before, Bri and I are not the gambling sort, so the room had a broken tv and we were forced to move among the strip zombies at night. The hotel generously gave a magazine of the local possible attractions available and I decided, SHARKS!

The exquisite creature is a Monitor Lizard floating ever so gently in the water. This guy is about 4 feet in length and completely ignoring the humans. He may have cracked an eye at one point.

This is just after I was lowered into the water. They told me to stay still, not to make too many suddent movements or lots of bubbles. I held my breath in anticipation.

Then it happened. The shadow appear effortlessly into view. There was not a sound, only the subtly pressure movement in the water. I think I may have gasped.

With each pass they came closer, picking up speed with each turn. One eventually grazed against my arm. And just that quick, I was yanked from the depths back to the air.

Were you scared? Were you a little tense? FISH HOOOK!!!!!! Are you kidding me?! They would have never let me in the water no matter how much I begged them. Just bringing a camera was a question of security. No you land lovers, I, Whimsy did not swim with sharks. However, just for the record, I will if given the chance. They had great exhibits in this aquarium, I just wish I was a better photographer.

This was just an added bonus to the night life, from our hotel we could watch the police arrest various "ladies" during the wee hours of the night. Good Times. Stay tuned.

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