Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The MAD Season is upon us

It's here, still behind the corner, but it's here. The MAD Season is lurking, tinsel, bows, stockings, garland, lights.

There is a magic surrounding this time of year, it is infectious. The kids and I have been enjoying the music in the car for the rides to and from school. At every turn along the way the kids will scream "Christmas trees! Look at the lights!" That is the magic for me, their excitement.

Each night the Miss Em will ask me how Santa will get into the house. I simply say, by magic. Then the grin appears. Her smile tells me the thought of reindeer flying through the sky and St. Nick coming to visit her and her siblings almost too much for her to wait. She has it all planned out, cookies, milk, and even whispered she is going to wait up.

I think I may wait up with her.

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