Friday, December 12, 2008

Old Fashioned Christmas

One of the benefits of living in a smaller community is the efforts to bring the families together. Our community makes every opportunity to bring folks together and reintroduce the concept of family. Family is not limited by blood anymore, family can encompass those folks living right next door, friends, workmates, the circle just keeps getting bigger. I like that, in fact the concept is becoming precious to me as I get older.
The town gathered, businesses offered hot chocolate and a warm place, the 4-H club walked around offering cookies to the parents and kids, the firefighters displayed super clean fire trucks, kids choir gathering to sing Christmas songs, and a beautiful tree filled with memoriam ornaments of those loved ones who could not be with their families for the holidays. We even got a visit from Mr. Mike Machado. Anyway, enjoy a few shots from the evening, I will have a couple more in the next few days.

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