Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Be Free Little Butterfly

One of the wonderful things about kids is that ANYTHING can be a pet. A rock, a shoe, a stuffed animal, even a little brother and sister. We have pets, a dog and three fish to be exact, although Momma is missing the melodious tones of purring, but I digress, the official statement is "We have enough animals".

I pick up the Divine Miss "E" from school and she promptly runs me over to her cubbie. Which of course is full with sweaters, sweatshirts, artwork and funny enough something quite large and shiny. Hmmm, what could she be working on today?

"Momma, I want to show you something."
What do you have?
"Look, look, I have a caterpillar! Can I pleeeeeasssse take him home?"
Viewing the 2 pie tin enclosure with a paper towel, one leaf and an inch and a half caterpillar, well sleeping I guess on the side. I think he would be happier here. We could let him go outside on one of the bushes, I am sure he will be happy here.
"No, pleasssssse I want to take him home, he is my pet."
Emma, you have pets, Daisy, the fish, your brother and sister.
"Momma please, I will take care of him."
Ok, but put the 2 pie tin enclosure on the seat in the back of the van and please do not tell your brother and sister. They can look at him at home.
"Alright Momma."

Everyone gets into the van, seat belts clicked, journey homeward begins. Now the 2 pie tin enclosure, and I am being very generous with this description, is in the lap of a very proud pet caterpillar owner.

It takes a half hour to get home, 25 minutes of an a Capella round house, punk rock version of "Sing, Sing a Song" by the kids, thinking wow, this caterpillar may make it into the house after all and not into the van.

Then I hear five minutes from home, the 26th minute of 30 minute trip home, "Momma"
"I need to tell you something"
What do you need to tell me. All the while knowing what she is going say.
"Uhm, I was sitting in my seat and I was holding the plates and well I dropped the caterpillar"

Free, one desperate caterpillar with one leaf for nourishment in the van planning his Steve McQueen Great Escape from the hole. I think I saw a little ball and glove on the floorboard.


  1. Love love love... what I read! I could sooooooo see you as Emma spoke those words, "ummm Mom...". I know that you sunk a few inches in your chair, that you exhaled at the same moment your hands slowly gripped slightly tigher around the steering wheel, and your eyes gazed upward for a split second before you said, "What Emma?"

    I love you and all your patience.. and I love you even when patience runs short :)

  2. You had me in the car with you! LMAO! I have tears running down my face. I think I could actually hear you sigh. Have you tried a pet rock?


  3. I just love your patience!!! All the best for 2008!


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