Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Simple Things

The daily grind of work, school, meals and bath time often numbs the mind to the more spectacular things in life. I recently found myself in the midsts of this trail blazing grind and was completely taken aback spellbound by my child's words. Wow, they can really take you for a spin, and what is truly amazing about these little people who have taken over my world is their unconditional love. That's right, unconditional love. I hear the words come out of my mouth but sometimes I wonder if I really know what that means. I have a strong suspicion a child has a better understanding of what unconditional love is than an adult. If ever I doubt my reason for living I just need to look into the 3 pairs of little eyes to get a reminder.

Getting back to the story, I was helping Emma get ready for bed, we read a story and as I was getting up to put her book away I hear the voice.

"Momma, I like your body."

I froze, turned around with a puzzled look. What? You like my body?

"Yes, Momma I love you."

I am stunned, and there it is laid out for me. She loves me, unconditionally. She does not care what I look like, she just wants to be tickled and hugged. She does not care I am not famous actor she just wants me to read to her in funny voices and pretend that I am Uncle Homer. The point of all of this is that my kids love me. They love me for the hugs and kisses, they love me for the meals, they love me for the baths, they love me for the running outside, they love me for the continuity of their schedule, they love me despite the discipline. They just love me, and I just LOVE them.

Sometimes the simple things are the greatest rewards.


  1. Now this post.. well, it made me teary. Thank you for sharing all your honesty, your heart, your weakness, and your love....

    I love you, and I love your body too!

  2. Oh, and did I mention the kicka@@ pictures?!?! KA-POW baby! You are on the Photography Hot Tamale Train!!


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