Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Open House

This my girl. My girl who still lisps her letters "v" and "b". My girl who lights up a room with her smile. No, she is not Mary Tyler Moore, she is my Em. This is her first year in elementary school. It has been an adventure for both of us. Starting over is hard, probably the hardest lesson we ever learn. New school, new kids, new rules, and HOMEWORK. I have to say she has done really well, and most of the time it is her parents who have to stay late and clean the chalkboards. This picture makes my heart ache, because these steps are not the only ones I will see from this angle. This was the end of the year open house for her classroom.

Em is explaining the life cycle of frogs and butterflies. I am seeing a budding scientist. This might help her with the missing caterpillar in the van from a year ago.

I take reading for granted, but to watch her eyes as she is sounding out her words is magical. I can almost see the neurons firing.

The class has a speaking stick so that they can go to the board to read their sight words.

I don't remember studying photosynthesis at this age but I am older than dirt so things must have changed.

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