Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Girl, MY GIRL!

Who is this masked dynamo? Steel eyed, focused, ready for action. I suddenly heard a voice say "Uh, maam, uh, unless your a coach you really should not be on the field." Yikes, have I really turned into that parent? Apparently I have, the one that makes a complete fool of themselves as they are completely wrapped up into a euphoric moment when your kid is participating in something you love. Dad, believe me I am making you very proud. I have embarrassed Em numerous time in her first season of baseball.

This is my lovely girl. She is having a blast and I could not be more proud of her tenacity. She runs like a cheetah, and pounces like a jaguar on any ball in her vicinity.

I don't get tired of looking at this face.

I love it because she asks to play different positions. Last week she learned how to back up the first baseman. In this game she got to play first base. Those beautiful ribbons you see in her hair, they were made by Lorie.

They all line up like little ducks, what is cool is that each one gets a chance to hit. The teams don't switch until everyone has had a chance to bat. This particular day was hot, and the game was during most of the kids' nap time.

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  1. Oh baby girl... she is growing up so fast. Go Em - Good Game!


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