Thursday, May 8, 2008

Part Two.....Concrete Jungle

Random thoughts about jungles. Jungles are usually defined as immense amounts of land covered entirely of overgrown vegetation. Trees, lianas, flowers, giant insects, dinosaurs, mammals which can take the form

of this....... or this......

but my recent experience left me with vivid memories of tall buildings, green grasses, water fountains, and two awe struck little girls. I can tell you my heart started to race when I first heard there was an opportunity to go to New York. Scared, exhilerated, and dumbfounded as to how I was going to travel across the country with my kids and my country mouse mom (she is really the country mouse, she lives in the stickers. Mom, you know what I mean). When my feet hit the actual pavement, and my eyes and ears took in all the sounds and lights, that little piece of me buring for adventure that has been buried for a long time, awoke and was hungry. If I could have I would have dragged everyone in and out of every store on Broadway, hit every inch of trail in Central Park, slept in the hall of the Natural History Museum, walked around Manhattan til the wee hours of the morning. The buildings are poetic, the noise of the street, man, I don't know how to describe the feeling of seeing so many vendors on the street and hearing the footsteps of the dozens of people moving back and forth over the sidewalk.

I realize I have been missing a part of me that has been dorment. She has now stirring and I am looking for more. I don't have to travel across the country to find adventure, but I am sure I am going to make more efforts to take my kids to see more of this state. There is much to be had in this big backyard.
Here are a few shots of their backyard. There are so many statues in the Central Park. I did not even see all of them. Simply beautiful in my eyes, I could have taken pictures all day.

This is a statue of Balto, my mom was worried about the kids climbing on the statues. She makes me giggle, how can you keep monkeys off the trees? This place was made for climbing, bring out your inner mountain goat.

Play is play no matter where you go, I think I love that the most. Kids do not care where they are, they can find fun no matter what. My kids had the opportunity to play with kids from around the world and a backdrop that is like no other. The pictures tell only part of the story.


  1. Incredible isnt it? I'm so glad you went! I still wonder back to our trip... I see men playing backgammon in the park, I smell the pretzels on the street.. I hear the music of the village... oh man... I need to go back with Walt:)

  2. I wish I was there with you - i think we should plan a trip to NY with people over the age of 30 only!


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