Friday, May 2, 2008

Part One.....On the Crossroads of the World in a New York State of Mind

As promised I am here to give you all the inside scoop on our trip to New York. This trip was bitter and sweet all at the same time. For this installment I am only going to speak of the sweet and thoroughly entertaining antics of four country mice hitting the pavement of the big city (I am hoping you’ll find them as entertaining as I do).

As you may have read in a previous post, I was very reluctant to take my little Itsy Bitsy on the airplane. Abbazabba is a prickly personality and has a very loud disapproval display coming from a little package. To my surprise, she was a dream. A little fussing here and there but this little trooper conquered so many of her fears (elevators, tunnels, crowds, etc) I had to ask “Who are you? And what have you done with Abbie?”

This is the little dear after many hours on a plane and an exuberant cab ride to the hotel. Imagine her eyes getting so huge at the feeling of the plane leaving the tarmac. She asked me repeatedly, “What’s that momma? What’s that?” I said, “It’s just the plane flying in the air like Barry Benson”. She sings “Honey, honey, do do do do dut do, ah sugar, sugar, do do do dut do, you are my candy girl”. I say “Exactly”.

Now the Kat, she was the biggest, big girl she could be. She helped with her sister to comfort her when she was impatient, I am so proud of her. She absolutely DUG the plane ride. She buckled her seat belt and looked out the window the whole time. When we finally made it to New York and were coming in for a landing the whole city was lit up like a Christmas tree, I told her to make sure to make a good memory for herself. I heard a litany of “Oh my goodness”, “Wow, look at that momma”, “that is sooooo beautiful!” I could not help but share in her wonder. This is a happy Kat, with the super purr in full mode.

The fun stuff was having Abbie waking up after the first night in New York; I gave her a bath while the others slept and standing in front of the window greeting the city completely naked. I do have a picture but I don’t want to post it in good conscience but it is very cute.

Emma on the second night after the Little Mermaid creeping out of the bed ever so slowly to gently pull the curtains back and stare at the lights of the city in quiet of the night and then after 15 minutes creeping back into bed and never speaking about it to anyone.

Getting the girls ready for the Little Mermaid, they let me do their hair, put them in dresses and tights and walked in the night to the theatre. Emma sang throughout the whole performance of the songs she knew at the edge of her seat. Abbie curled up in the seat next to me riveted to the movement and telling me “there’s Ariel mommy, there’s Ariel!”

Emma asked a nice young man in an Irish pub where we ate lunch if he would like to go to Little Mermaid with her. He politely asked in a thick Northern Irish accent what time he should meet her, she said seven. Oh Lord, help me. If this is any indication of the teenage years, I am in big trouble. Are shock collars illegal?

I loved taking a ride in a horse drawn carriage with the girls in Central Park for a day of fun, frolic, hotdogs, softball, carousels and a playground. We went to the zoo and got so close to some frisky penguins, the light was low and they moved too fast for me to get a good picture but let me tell you they were fascinating. Abbie was startled by a statue of a lamb which bleated when you touched it.

Some more pictures in the zoo.

Sweet Mice in a log

Little Frogs on the move

Turtle Love


  1. Absolutely phenomenal!! I can't pick a favorite!!! I like them all.

    The cab shot - does something to me, it is a timeless photo of NY! Gina, isn't that the same view we had :)

    The lipstick application - priceless - sisters indeed.

    Central Park pic - of flowers - brilliant! Makes me know that I definitely want to go to NY in April.

    Carriage ride - Emma - priceless. She is stunning - and she doesn't even know yet. I see that picture and I know she will be there again, when she is in her 30's - and she will be stunning as ever. She is beautiful.

    Excellent Kymn - just leaves me wanting more - and wishing I had an airline ticket.

  2. beautiful pics, beautiful memories for me:)
    Yes, H, same pic, but add country flags hanging off hotel sides right?


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