Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Kids, please meet the Deputy

Yes, it is true. As you can extrapulate from the title of this segment of my chaotic life I got a ticket. Now most people say I did not deserve the ticket but in this case I own it 100%. Just a little tip for those of you folks who may not know, they radar EVERYBODY! He was on the opposite side of the road coming toward me and he was running the radar the whole way. Pleasant man, polite, a true blue example of what the public would want in a Deputy patrolling our fine streets.

I was merging onto another street and had to push it to get witht he current flow of traffic and before I could resume normal operating speed, BAM, I was hit with radar. I was busted, knew it as soon as I saw the lights, pulled over before he had to blow the horn. The kids however were asking what I was doing so I explained that Mommy broke the law and the deputy was comming to talk to Mommy. So here comes the deputy, poised for action on the passenger side of the car, the kids are yelling hello, who are you, why are we stopped. He checks the kids to make sure they are suited up in the car seats, they don't miss a trick and thank goodness. He says, "you were going a little fast" and I say "Yes, you are absolutely right" why fight? He is the enforcer of the law and I am the breaker of the law, perfect relationship as I see it.

So after asking permission to get my bag for my license, and permission to get into the glove box (always ask permission, they are a gittery folk and who can blame them) he writes the ticket and I ask the usual questions, can I pay online, can I go to traffic school, yes and yes, my wonderful miss E pipes up from the back of the car and says, "Are you my mommy's friend?" He laughs and says isn't she cute, all I can say is "Yes Em, the deputy is mommy's friend, he tells mommy to drive safe".

Folks, show your support for our fine peace officers roaming the streets doing the best that they can, drive safe, and know I just got someone else off the hook for getting a ticket.


  1. LMAO!!! Thank you for saving me from a ticket. You can go to TrafficSchool.com, friends of ours own it. Use the back arrow to fix your mistakes and get 100%. Scott is a pro at it. He has do it a lot, and mine.


  2. Hee Hee - don't you hate that. When they are nice, and you feel all pleasant with them, but at the same time you know they are handing you a piece of paper that will keep you away from a good pair of shoes.... Grrr. Sorry sis, but as Vitamin D says, thank you for sparing the rest of us!

  3. I’m sure your veiled sarcasm was for the effect of humor. You conducted yourself well. I’m happy to read my training is work, my young padawan. Now if I can just get you out of the lead soled shoes!
    And I’m double sure that youre releived knowing the law doesn’t view speeding as a form of child endangerment... YET
    Oh… I’m going to pay for that comment, along with the speeding citation.
    I love you, be safe my little Mario Andretti


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