Saturday, January 30, 2010

The forgiveness power of tuna fish

Tuna, for centuries has given its eaters pleasure of taste and nourishment. Tuna has another purpose, forgiveness, at least for a cat. See my cat, she was dirty. She would look at me with golden eyes taunting me with the arrogant look that I would never think of bathing her. She was wrong. So today, with the purpose of tidying up loose ends, I filled the kitchen sink with warm water. The titan struggle began between me and my cat.

The cat weighing in at 10 pounds, and me, well I won’t say what I weigh in at, struggled for control. Thank goodness for opposable thumbs, that really gave me the advantage. Not to mention my cunning wit and keen sense of strategy. The cat and I engage.

The first moments of realization for her that the sink was filled with water was a shock to say the least and the deep guttural meows of displeasure of her predicament yielded to the end result of a rather wet and clean cat.

After a good towel drying, I knew I must make peace with the cat. What could that be? Talking wasn’t working; the promise of a good brushing was not working either. Ah HA! Tuna, a cat’s weakness will be the ultimate bribe.  She still will not look me straight in the eye but I know I made a dent in the forgiveness wall with the offering of tuna fish.  So folks, if you have a cat and the animal needs a bath, have a can of tuna at your fingertips.  I will let you know if she plots my demise tonight while I am sleeping.  I may have to lock the bedroom door. 

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  1. Just a few more cans and I think the lovie will forget all about the bath! :)


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