Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Do you see this look?

I am taking a little diversion from the holiday memory to show you all a little something from my childhood/adulthood. This is a face of a woman who has nurtured, loved, and by the look in the picture has given me the business when necessary. I am thirty nine years old and this face is warning me. Warning me to tow the line, warning me to make her laugh in the next 30 seconds or guns will be blazing. This is the ultimate mom face and I swear to you folks, it makes me fold like a house of cards every time. A whimpering pup in the corner, duck and cover man the hatch is going to blow!

So in short, Cheers to Moms everywhere! I have not the mom face, but looking at this mug will make me a believer for the rest of my life. LOL


  1. I don't find She's as Steern, as all that. But, I love the expression in that photo...

  2. LOLOL I love it! Its DA MOM look! LOL


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